Here you can describe the content of your episode. It can be more detailed, but please not too long. HTML is not allowed. 

Difference Shownotes and description of the episode

Two similar things that are often confused and unfortunately not always displayed by all podcast directories. Apple Podcasts, for example, doesn't show the shownotes in addition to the description until your podcast has been subscribed to. 

Important note for differentiation: The episode description is displayed BEFORE the episode is played, the Shownotes DURING and AFTER the episode is played. Other differences:

Episode Description:

  • Plain text, no HTML
  • Limited to 4000 characters
  • Content: Short summary of the episode, written concisely and excitingly, should convince your listeners that your new episode is an absolute blast. 



  • Formatted text, HTML is allowed
  • No length limit
  • Content: Further information about the episode and the topics discussed, including links and pictures.