We offer you the possibility to publish an automated video of your podcast on YouTube. In this case, a video will be created that either shows your cover image of the respective episode all the time or an Audiogram animation (check the "Enable Audiogram animation for YouTube videos" box for this). To be able to use this export, you first have to connect your YouTube account with your Julep hosting account. You can do this under "Edit Podcast" --> "Export" --> "Social Media". Also, you can choose the category for your videos on YouTube:

It may take some time until your video appears on YouTube, as it has to be processed by YouTube itself first. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact the Julep Hosting Support Team. 

If you have activated the YouTube export, we offer you additional options for the YouTube export of this episode when you create a new episode. You can find these options on your episode in the "YOUTUBE" tab. 

For example, you can enter an alternative title for your episode on YouTube, a category, a description text or assign your video to one of your existing playlists: