The cover image is like the face of your podcast. It is part of the RSS feed and used as a cover image on podcast platforms.

Two different things are referred to as a cover image: One is the cover of your podcast and the other is the cover image of each episode.  

Podcast cover image

If you have found the right image for your podcast after countless hours of shooting, selection and Photoshop, you can upload it under "My Podcast --> General". The cover image of your podcast is part of your feed and will be displayed on podcast platforms as a cover image. 

Episode image

On some podcast sites there is the possibility to define an own title image for each episode. If you want to do that, you can upload the episode title image under "Edit Episode --> General".

If you don't want to do that, no problem. If the field remains empty, the podcast cover image automatically will be used.

Technical specifications

The cover image should be at least 1400x1400 pixels and at most 3000x3000 pixels in size and thus square.

It must not be larger than 10 MB and should have a pixel density of 72 dpi. Allowed formats are JPG (.jpg). JPEG (.jpeg) and PNG (.png).

Please respect the RGB color space (CMYK is not accepted by Apple Podcasts).

Our recommendation: Do not make your cover image larger than 512 KB. If you can't quite manage that, at least don't exceed 1 MB.

What should be on the cover

Include the title of your podcast in the image! Some podcast players only show a list of images without text. As long as they don't recognize you by the image, it's difficult for your listeners to find your podcast.

A good and meaningful podcast cover image is very important. What is beautiful and what is not is of course a matter of opinion. But if you can make your image interesting enough to stand out from the crowd and get people to spontaneously listen in, you can attract a lot of potential new listeners.