A download occurs when your listeners download the episode. A stream occurs when the episode is played directly in the player or via a podcast platform. Both must happen for at least 60 seconds to trigger a download in our analytics portal. In the analytics portal, downloads and streams are always shown together as a total. This is why: 

  • In principle, a stream is also a download, but in pieces. When your listener streams the episode, part of the file is downloaded bit by bit. Maybe the episode is streamed in several parts with breaks over a longer period of time. Then the respective section is downloaded at that time, so there is also a download.
  • Downloads and streams are also always a play. If a listener does not listen to an episode of your podcast in one piece, but continues to listen to it within a shorter period of time on the same device, this listener is counted as one download.
  • Using a combination of user agent and IP address, we can define a listener as a unique user. This way, the downloads per unique user can be determined quite accurately. However, IP addresses change frequently, but usually once a day.

    Example: If behind an IP address your episode is requested ten times by five different user agents in one day, we count five downloads.