Apple actually rejected your podcast! How could they? And you can't figure out the rejection email either. We can help! Check out this list of the most common reasons for rejection and try it again.

Title too long

Apple has a hard and fast limit for the length of a podcast title, but doesn't specify it exactly. Experience shows that "Coolest podcast in the world" works, but "Coolest podcast in the world with daily fresh guests and current topics" will be rejected. You should really keep it short and not try to put too many keywords in the title, because that's exactly what Apple wants to prevent with the limit. 

Emojis used

Rarely, but sometimes Apple finds emojis goofy. Take the emojis out of all fields and try again.

The cover image is the wrong size

Stick to the defaults: Minimum 1400x1400px, maximum 3000x3000px, square.

Too many attempts

If Apple has already rejected your podcast several times, they may simply reject every new attempt out of principle, even if you have done everything right. Then you have only one chance: Change the subdomain of your podcast. But even if you can easily do that under "General" in the podcast settings, please talk to us first. This is a delicate matter and we don't want anything to go wrong.