On Spotify you publish your podcast via "Edit Podcast --> Export" in our Julep Hosting Dashboard. For this to work, you have to agree to the terms and conditions there beforehand.

Spotify is pretty fast: Your podcast should show up in the directory within a few hours, available for free and premium subscribers. 

Can I delete the podcast again?

Of course, you can easily do that via the "Edit Podcast --> Export" section in the Dashboard. It can take up to two days until the podcast is deleted from the Spotify directory. If it is still online after that, please contact support. 

My podcast has its own website. Can I still submit it?

If your podcast has its own domain, please contact us before submitting the podcast to Spotify. We can help you: support@julephosting.de

Do I also see the Spotify streams & downloads in the Analytics section?

Yes, you will also see the Spotify views as soon as your podcast has been viewed there at least once. You also have the possibility to access the detailed Spotify statistics on the Spotify website, for this you have to claim your podcast. How to do that, you will learn here