We offer Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). Using this technology, advertising integrations in your podcast are no longer permanently integrated (-> baked in) but dynamically controlled and played out in real time in your episodes using an ad server. Advantages for you are the greater scalability (-> even not current episodes in your back catalog can be monetized) and a higher utilization through appropriate advertising. At the same time you keep control over where in your episodes these ads are played.

If you are interested in DAI integration, please contact us so we can activate the feature for you. 

After activating Dynamic Ad Insertion, you have the option of setting mid-roll markers for the playout of dynamic ads in the "Advertising integration" area. To do this, select a position in the graphical representation of your audio file and click on "Add marker": 

The set marker will then be displayed below. You have the option of listening to the selected passage again (play button), adjusting the time marker again (arrow buttons) and deleting the marker (trash can icon).

After you have set the desired number of markers, complete the process by clicking on "Save".