You don't want to use the Julep Hosting Web Player? Of course, you can also use your own player.  

It is important that you observe the following points in order to receive valid analytics data: 

  • Do not use autoplay, but let the player start the file only when the user has actively requested it (click on the play button). 
  • Do not use preloading: The audio file should only be loaded from the server when it is clear that it is to be played.
  • Always use the original enclosure URL from your RSS feed to load the audio file and never store the file on an own server 
  • Use the enclosure URL without any modifications: In particular, do not append any additional parameters to the URL
  • To detect new episodes in the feed, always use the GUID. This will always remain the same, unlike other parameters that may change (for example: title, URL, date, etc.).