In the tab "Edit Audio" you have the possibility to adjust your audio file after it is encoded. This is especially useful if you have included a native ad and want to cut it out at the end of the campaign period. You can make this adjustment directly in the encoded and published audio file without uploading and encoding a completely new file.

To do this, simply select the beginning of the part you want to cut out in the graphical representation of the audio file and click on "Mark area". Then you can select the end of the range by moving it in the graphical representation or by adjusting the time marker manually:

After clicking "Save" you will be asked if you are sure you want to remove this part of the file.

Here you can confirm with "OK" or return to editing with "Cancel".

If you select the "Set DAI marker" option before saving, a DAI Mid Roll marker will be automatically set at the point that is cut out (if Dynamic Ads are enabled for your podcast).

If you select "Save to Profile" before saving, you have to enter a file name and the snippet will be saved in your profile. You can then listen to and download it in your profile under "Audio Snippets".