In addition to the cover image of your podcast (which is of course automatically included in the WebPlayer), you have the option to include a logo and link it to a website.

This is useful, for example, if you have a branded episode as a form of advertising for an episode, and therefore want to include the logo of the advertiser, or your WebPlayer is not only embedded on your own website and you want to link to your own website through the player.

The logo integration is possible on podcast level (the logo is always visible in the player) and on episode level (the logo is only visible in the player, which is hardcoded to this episode).

If you open the player on podcast level (Podcast -> Edit -> Tab "WebPlayer") you will not see the actual logo for the whole podcast, if you have uploaded a different logo on episode level for the latest episode. This means that at this moment the episode logo overwrites the overall podcast logo, because the player of the overall podcast always shows the most recent episode and the preview of the player also follows this rule.

If you then upload another episode without a special episode logo, you will see the overall podcast logo in the player again.